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In Arizona, the penalties for drinking and driving are severe and go far beyond criminal penalties such as fines and imprisonment. There are also a number of administrative ramifications with DUI/DWI charges that occur pertaining to driver's licenses/driving privileges. Cary will fight for your right to hold onto your driver's license as well as defend you against criminal charges.

Meeting The Need For Experienced DUI/DWI Defense Representation

Since becoming a practicing lawyer in 1995, I have handled every aspect of DUI/DWI representation. Having tried so many of these cases, I understand the approach that prosecuting attorneys will take when it comes to such crimes. It is my strategy to challenge unreliable evidence and testimony not allowed under Arizona court rules, statutes, and/or applicable case law.

I understand the case law challenging DUI laws and arrest tactics. When reviewing the entire court record, I will check to see if there was reasonable suspicion for arresting officers to pull you over, whether consent for field sobriety or blood tests was properly given, and whether all such tests were conducted properly and in accordance with the law. In every instance where a blood test is an issue, I will have an independent test of the state's blood sample conducted to see if there are any discrepancies.

The Costs Of A DUI/DWI Conviction

Mistakes made in representation by an attorney not knowledgeable in DUI/DWI law can be extremely costly. Even a first-time DUI not involving an accident or injury to others and a blood alcohol level of 0.8 or above can result in six months in jail and fines of $2,500, plus surcharges. The fines will extensively increase with each subsequent DUI conviction. Extreme DUIs (BAC of .15 or above) or Super Extreme DUI (BAC of .20 or above) will lead to increased jail time, exorbitant fines and restrictions or complete suspension of your driver's license.

As a DUI defense attorney who regularly practices in metropolitan Phoenix and the Maricopa County courts, I understand the consequences that can come about with a drunk driving arrest. Any attorney representing a client in DUI cases needs to understand the penalties, regularly try such cases in court, keep up to date on legal trends and legal challenges (especially pertaining to criminal law labs where blood samples are analyzed), know how to negotiate with prosecuting attorneys and understand how such arrests take place.

Contact my law firm, The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., for a free initial consultation by calling 602-288-2303.


From felony aggravated assault charges to misdemeanor trespassing allegations, most domestic violence-based charges are never anticipated. Domestic violence allegations often occur in emotional situations that suddenly escalate. Domestic violence allegations also frequently involve alcohol. Regardless of the charges you face, one thing is true - you need an experienced domestic violence defense attorney prepared to aggressively defend your rights in Arizona.

As your attorney with over 20 years of experience providing a strong voice to people in situations similar to yours. I know the right steps to take in leveling the playing field if you are accused of serious criminal allegations, including:

  • Misdemeanor assault
  • Felony aggravated assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal damage
  • Child abuse/neglect
  • Kidnapping

I also have an extensive background representing clients facing disorder conduct charges in connection to bar fights, neighbor-related disputes and sporting event disputes. Put my skills and experience level to work for you. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation in Phoenix, Arizona.

Domestic violence charges often involve one person's word against someone else's version of the facts. When you select me as your attorney, I will conduct a thorough investigation focused on defending your constitutional rights. I will seek to uncover any contradictory information or false statements made to the prosecution. If there were any eye witnesses, I am prepared to use their testimony to help substantiate your story.

If a conviction is unavoidable, I will explore any options available to mitigate the potential penalties. A lack of criminal history can be used to place you in a more positive light. Prosecutors are sometimes known to offer diversionary programs focused on providing defendants with anger management counseling. I will evaluate every option possible to have the charges dismissed or the conviction removed from your record.

A Quick Response When Your Freedom Depends On It

Domestic violence arrests do not just happen during regular business hours. They can happen at any time of the day or night. That is why it is critical to work with a lawyer who takes fast action. At The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., I have my after hour messages to 602-288-2303 forwarded to me, so I can respond to you 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  I am also available 24-hours a day, seven days a week at my email address: 

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Photo by miflippo/iStock / Getty Images


At The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., I provide white collar crime defense representation for a wide variety of violations. Even the allegations of white collar crime can destroy your professional and personal reputation. Charges of fraud or theft may prevent you from ever working in certain professions again.

You need representation from an experienced white collar crime defense attorney to reduce or eliminate the charges you are facing. If charged with a white collar crime, I will make myself available for you as soon as possible.

Skilled And Dedicated Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

When facing charges, I will provide you knowledgeable representation accumulated from over 20 years of practice as an attorney at law. I will tailor your defense to the specific charges you are facing. I will design a legal strategy to help reduce both criminal and personal consequences. I understand Arizona's criminal law court system, as well as the federal court system.

The types of white collar allegations I can defend you from include:

  • Forgery
  • Employee theft
  • Governmental benefits theft
  • Theft/Embezzlement
  • Gambling-related charges
  • Real estate fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Tax evasion and other crimes

I can fight these charges in state and federal courts. Even when charged with multiple felonies, I will provide the best possible representation. I regularly represent doctors, nurses, teachers, accountants and even lawyers.

Contact The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., at your earliest convenience if you are being charged or investigated in connection with a white collar crime. Call 602-288-2303 for a free initial consultation.


Though traffic offenses are not the first thing that come to mind when speaking of criminal defense, these offenses can often have severe consequences. Certain DUI offenses result in felony charges. Other traffic offenses like reckless driving, driving on a suspended license or hit-and-run offenses can result in similar consequences — especially in the event someone else is badly injured.

I have over 20-years experience representing adults and juveniles in traffic offenses ranging from criminal speeding up to vehicular homicide.

Why Experienced Legal Representation May Be Necessary

Skilled representation by an experienced traffic law attorney can save you a variety of costs. Depending on the offense, traffic violations may result in fines and higher insurance premiums. Each violation goes on your driving record and may result in higher penalties when subsequent convictions occur.

Should you decide to retain me, I will forcefully represent you or your loved one, and provide the best possible legal defense that I can in your, or your loved one's, traffic matter. I know how to negotiate for the desired result with prosecutors and will represent you at trial if necessary.

Arizona's Criminal Speeding Law

Criminal speeding is a misdemeanor criminal offense. A criminal speeding conviction could lead to 30 days in jail, a fine of $500 plus surcharges and one year of probation. The consequences of such a conviction mean more than just criminal penalties, however. They can mean points added to your license and an increase in your insurance premium.

When issued a criminal speeding citation, I will take quick action, work to reduce or eliminate penalties, and fight to keep a criminal speeding conviction off your record. While dismissal is not possible for every speeding violation, reaching a compromise sometimes reduces the criminal and administrative (driver's license) consequences.

The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., represents clients throughout Phoenix and all of Maricopa, Pinal, Gila, Yavapai, Mohave, Pima, and La Paz Counties on criminal traffic violations. To contact my office, call 602-288-2303 for a free, 30-minute initial consultation.


Young people sometimes make mistakes. They're often dealing with issues that they are not prepared to face, and sometimes they act out inappropriately. A fight with a parent, brother, sister, other family member, fellow student, or teacher, may result in assault or domestic violence charges.

I have been representing youths in the Maricopa County Courts since 1995. As a juvenile criminal defense lawyer, I approach every case differently because the needs of each youth are never identical. I look for the sort of resolution that will best remedy the young person's situation and will place him or her on the right road toward a better future.

Wide Variety Of Juvenile Representation

The kinds of cases in which I represent juveniles include:

  • Assault and domestic violence
  • Underage drinking and driving, including DUI
  • Traffic offenses
  • Underage alcohol violations
  • Graffiti
  • Vandalism and destruction of property
  • Shoplifting and petty theft
  • Sex crime allegations
  • Prostitution
  • Marijuana possession and distribution
  • Other drug crimes

Finding The Resources To Help The Young Person Out

The stigma of a crime can follow teenagers and young adults around for the rest of their lives. What they generally need and often never receive is help and assistance rather than criminal punishment. Their parents may be divorcing and they may require counseling to help deal with this situation. Some young people face drug or alcohol problems and could benefit from substance abuse treatment.

Having practiced as an attorney as long as I have, I have access to the sorts of resources and information available throughout the State that can assist the youth with his or her psychological and emotional issues. Addressing issues in advance can avoid more severe consequences later on.

If your child has been arrested, my office can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling 602-288-2303 to arrange for a free initial consultation

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Photo by StockSolutions/iStock / Getty Images


Probation matters in Arizona can be extremely tricky – especially if the accused is charged with a new offense when he or she is already on probation. If charged with a probation violation, the accused requires an experienced criminal defense attorney. Miscommunication between the accused and the probation officer can often arise and the consequences are great.

I have been practicing criminal law in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1995 and understand the area's court system. I routinely work with prosecutors, judges and probation officers in the Maricopa and Pinal County courts and know how to negotiate the best possible deal for you if the situation calls for one.

Importance Of Having Prompt Legal Representation

The time frame for responding to an alleged probationary violation is short. I make myself available and take immediate action on any probationary matter to ensure that deadlines are met. Having represented so many individuals in criminal defense matters, I have a good working relationship with judges, prosecutors, other lawyers, as well as probation officers.

My efforts focus upon reducing misunderstandings in order to reduce as many consequences as possible. This can be particularly necessary when there have been unintentional violations of probation terms. Even a missed appointment with a probation officer can result in penalization. It's also essential to have such representation when speaking of felony probation violations. Under such circumstances, a violation results in the original prison sentence reinstated for the original criminal charge.

It's important to deal with probation matters in a knowledgeable fashion. The consequences of inadequate representation are far too great.

You can contact my office for a free, 30-minute initial consultation by calling 602-288-2303.


A greater variety of drug charges are being filed in both State and Federal courts than has occurred in the past. Besides drug possession or drug sales/transportation charges involving marijuana or illegal narcotics, we're seeing a wide variety of drug arrests filed involving prescription medications as well as medical marijuana.

Conspiracy to distribute, transport, and/or sell drugs across state line charges often results in federal charges and extremely harsh penalties.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Providing Personal Attention to Your Drug Case

You do not want to represent yourself in what can be a life-altering matter. If you hire me, you will be working directly with me — someone with 20+ years of criminal defense experience. As your attorney, I do not hand the case off to anyone else, and will always make myself available for you.

Every drug case is unique and requires individual attention. Cases involving minors are handled differently from those concerning adults. An immigrant facing drug charges has other concerns than just the criminal penalties being faced. I will personally review the police reports and complaints filed in your case, independently investigate the matter, and make certain that every avenue of criminal defense is explored.

Fighting For Your Rights

There are often a number of privacy and other constitutional concerns that follow a drug arrest. A police search of your home or vehicle may have been improper under a faulty search warrant, or the search warrant may not even have been valid or obtained in the first place. It's possible that you have been implicated in a drug conspiracy due to testimony from a co-defendant who was trying to better his or her own sentence.

I have practiced in Arizona's State and Federal courts. I am especially familiar with the way the Maricopa County courts operate. It is always my strategy to do what is best for you in every matter. In some cases this means negotiating a plea deal to reduce the sentence and penalties you are facing. In other instances, it means going to court and trying the case in front of a judge or jury. In my role as a lawyer, I am entirely comfortable taking whatever strategy is necessary. I will strive to keep improper evidence out of your case.

For immediate legal assistance, contact my Phoenix law firm in the historic Luhrs Tower at 602-288-2303 to arrange for a free, 30-minute initial consultation.


Though a young adult may be an independent college student, living on or near campus, he or she hasn't yet reached the status of a fully independent and mature adult. Meant to be a time for learning, college is also a time when many young adults face exposure to drinking, drug use and college hazing for the first time. Sometimes, relationship issues arise, which can lead to allegations of domestic violence. These matters often lead the college student to their first exposure to the criminal justice system - and not in a good way. These students not only face possible jail time, probation, and/or fines, but they also may face discipline, including expulsion, from their college. College students that find themselves in this position require the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to defend them.

I am an experienced criminal defense attorney who has represented many college students accused of a wide range of crimes throughout the State of Arizona. It has been my privilege to represent community college students as well as students at ASU, the University of Arizona and NAU since I became a licensed Arizona attorney in 1995. In every matter, I try to reduce all consequences for the college students I represent.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Representation Of College Students

The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., represents college students charged with every sort of crime, including:

  • Underage drinking
  • DUI
  • Drug offenses, including possession and distribution of marijuana
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Traffic offenses
  • Parole or probation violation charges
  • College hazing

I regularly represent individuals in the adult and juvenile courts and can provide the college with straight-up, honest advice regarding the consequences the student may be facing.

If you are a college student, or the parent/grandparent of a college student, facing an arrest and conviction in any Arizona court, contact my law firm today at 602-288-2303, for a free initial 30-minute consultation.

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Photo by VIPDesignUSA/iStock / Getty Images


If you are not a United States citizen and you have been accused of a crime in Arizona, you could have a lot to lose. Convictions and guilty pleas for certain offenses can lead to months detention in a deportation (ICE) hold, and even deportation to your home country. A criminal conviction can also prevent you from ever becoming a United States citizen.

If immigration issues are a part of your criminal defense case, it is critical to work with an attorney who understands the relationship between criminal law and immigration. At The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., I use more than 20+ years of experience to help my criminal defense clients achieve the best possible results. I have experience in state courts throughout Arizona, as well as federal immigration courts. I understand the concerns of immigrants.

Certain Offenses - Certain Consequences

In Arizona, certain offenses carry immigration consequences while others do not. For example, a conviction for domestic violence is often deportable while criminal trespassing is not necessarily a deportable offense. If you are not an American citizen, it is critical that your lawyer know which crimes can hurt your immigration status. In fact, you could actually be doing yourself a disservice by going to an attorney who doesn't understand the relationship between immigration law and criminal law.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer who takes immigration consequences into account, I focus on more than just the criminal law matters. I make separate analysis on whether or not you are facing a deportable offense under the U.S. Code, and work with my clients to protect their interests.

To speak with me about the immigration consequences of your pending or concluded criminal case, call me at 602-288-2303.  You may also complete my online contact form.