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Hi Cary, just wanted to say thank you so much again. When I called (my wife) and told her the news about no jail, she cried. We are both so relieved. Maybe we will be able to get a good nights sleep now. You are the Man.
— M.L. - Threatening & Intimidating, Disorderly Conduct, Harassment - Resolved*
After interviewing 3 attorneys for a case, I selected Cary for his experience, professionalism, and aggressiveness. He helped me successfully resolve a pre-litigation case in 2 days.

I highly recommend Cary and was extremely pleased with the results.
— J.H. - Pre-Indictment Fraud/Theft Matter - Resolved (No Charges Filed)*

I had a case against me for white collar crimes, in a situation that had me feeling rather hopeless. Cary helped me throughout the case, making himself available at almost any time for my questions or concerns, and he went out of his way to contact the prosecution and make requests on my behalf. Ultimately, we were offered a deal and I was let off with minimal circumstances. Though it was my first time having an attorney, Cary was understanding and helpful, and he explained everything in detail so that I could understand the process or documentation better. I would highly recommend him to anyone, as he’s a highly competent and capable individual.
— B.B. - Illegal Control of an Enterprise; Promotion of Gambling; Receiving a Benefit from Gambling; Possession of a Gambling Device; Possession of Gambling Records - Resolved*

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my fiance’s case. The results were great and I appreciate your candor and honesty with his situation. I am pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that may ever need it. Thank you so much for your help.
— J.L.N. - Possession of Dangerous Drugs (Methamphetamine) for Sale; Illegal Control of an Enterprise - Resolved*

Thank you! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help through all of this. We could not have done this alone or without an attorney familiar with the juvenile system. You have been a wonderful support to D as well!
— D.M. - Possession of Marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2 Counts) (Juvenile Court) - Resolved*

I just wanted to thank you for your advice and legal assistance on the matter concerning J. I had a belief that we would resolve the situation without going to Trial and I also believed that your actions were a direct influence in the decision that was approved by the Court.
— J.G. - Aggressive Driving - Resolved*

Thank you so much for what you have done for E! I know I’ve been a pest with all of the emails and questions. You have been so kind, and I appreciate that, and your patience! You did an amazing job with his case. Thank you!
— P.S. - DUI - Resolved*

Thank you very, very much for your help and I will gladly tell others of your good work. Thank you again.
— V.A. - Order to Show Cause Hearing - Dismissed*

Words can’t say enough to express how thankful I am that you were able to get this done. We appreciate you very much. Hopefully now, K can use his mind and make something of himself.
— K.B. - DUI-Drugs (Marijuana) - Dismissed*

Thank you for your very professional work in this matter. I appreciate how efficiently and effectively you represented me.
— J.B. - Criminal Speeding - Reduced to Civil Speeding*

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you did for N. Thank you for handling her case and expediting the process.

Being from out of town made it difficult to deal with. The outcome was exactly as you had stated it would be, and I’m/we are happy with the outcome.

Again, thank you.
— N.R. - Theft - Resolved*

A long overdue ‘THANK YOU’ for doing such a great job for me. I really appreciate the effort and apologize for being so difficult at times. All in all, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job for me. Thank you.
— M.M. - DUI; DUI-Drugs; Reckless Driving; Endangerment (5 Counts) - Resolved*

Thanks so much for all of your efforts during this protracted ordeal. You were a true delight and I am so glad I found you in the myriad of lawyers.
— L.N. - Underage Drinking/Minor in Possession of Alcohol - Dismissed*

Thank you for helping me achieve the result I needed today in Court. I really appreciate the time and effort you gave my case.
— J.O. - Criminal Speeding - Reduced to Civil Speeding*

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf, which resulted in a positive outcome for my case.
— J.W. - Criminal Speeding - Dismissed*

Thank you very, very much for your help and I will gladly tell others of your good work. Thank you once again.
— V.A. - Assault (Domestic Violence) - Dismissed*

I want to thank you for all your help in getting my citation dismissed. I think you are very professional and unique in your line of work. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would need an attorney.
— K.M. - Extreme DUI - Dismissed*

Thank you so much for all your help with T’s case. It was such a relief to hear the judge say ‘Not Guilty.’ I still can’t get over how much it seemed a waste of time and money on everyone’s part. Well, I can only see that this situation makes it VERY clear to T to think first and to reexamine his surroundings and actions. I’m sure you see this type of stuff often. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your efforts and good Good Job, Cary.
— T.H. - Assault - Not Guilty*

Cary is a dedicated lawyer, who will see your case through to the end. Cary also seems to genuinely care about his client’s needs. Every time I called Cary, he would return my message (if he was not available) within 30-minutes. My case was for a speeding ticket going over 20-mph over the posted speed limit, which to most people would not be a big deal; however, for me it was, because I am a truck driver (I could have lost my job). When I said he will see your case to the very end I am not kidding! Cary stayed with me all the way to the point where I made my payment with the cashier at the courthouse. This process took about half an hour. Any other lawyer would have left long before that. Cary will go the extra mile for you. Thank you, Cary!
— T.W. - Criminal Speeding - Reduced to Civil Speeding*

My son was in trouble, out of state, and needed an attorney. I met with Mr. Lackey who demonstrated professionalism. He was honest and upfront. In the end, he was able to get the charge reduced with no jail time. Whatever the outcome would have been on this case, Mr. Lackey was there and met all of our expectations. I would recommend this man to anyone who is in need of a criminal attorney. My son was out of state and Mr. Lackey was still able to help. I thank him for all of his hard work and effort he put in this case. He was honest from the start, did not sugarcoat anything, he kept us informed all the way through the case, and did everything he could for us. Thanks for making our holidays good ones.
— C.M. - Solicitation of Prostitution - Reduced to City Ordinance Violation*

I never felt like a number with Cary. My case was not very complicated and I only had 2 face-to-face interactions with Cary. However, both times I fould him to be detailed in his explanations and followed up with a letter to me the same day. I have another legal requirement that is totally opposite of this case and I plan on having Cary handle it for me. I would place my future and reputation in Cary’s hands if the need were ever to arise. Thank you Cary.
— B.S. - Suspended Driver's License Matter - Reduced to Civil, Non-Moving Violation*

I haven’t had my license for about 14-years. I moved out of state [and] my violations were about 11-years ago. I was skeptical on how it was going to work for me to hire a lawyer in one state while living across the country in another. Mr. Lackey and I talked about my case thoroughly before I hired him on as my attorney. He was very informative on how it was going to work and gave me the confidence that he was a great lawyer. It took Mr. Lackey only a short amount of time to get me a result. Mr. Lackey cleared my license and even reduced the amount of fines by a significant amount. I would recommend Mr. Cary L. Lackey to anyone who wants an honest lawyer and fair person who worked excellent for my needs.
— L.L. - Suspended Driver's License Matter - Resolved*

Mr. Lackey was very personable. It was like I was working with a close friend and not just a lawyer. He was knowledgeable in the area I needed most, and he didn’t beat around the bush or promise me anything he couldn’t deliver. If I ever need it, he told me to call him for any legal advice in the future, and if he couldn’t help me, he would help me find someone who would. That was more than I had ever expected from any lawyer.
— T.H. - Failure to Obey a Police Officer - Resolved*

I was charged with fighting during a concert (Assault & Disorderly Conduct) and was facing 3-years probation, with jail time, and ordered to attend certain classes - which I would not settle for. I spoke to Cary Lackey and he agreed to help me, even though the odds were against me. I had no witnesses or evidence to help with my case. But with his experience, I had no reason to doubt or worry. Sure enough, with his help, my case was dismissed. Without his help, I probably would have been bullied and scared into signing a plea of guilty and ended up with an unjustified sentence. Even though all the evidence and witnesses [were] against me, Cary Lackey saw through all that, and was able to give me results I couldn’t be more proud of. I can now say that I have more faith in the Legal System because of him.
— R.K. - Assault; Disorderly Conduct - Dismissed*

I can’ thank you enough for the help that you have given my sister, H. There really should be more people like you in the world that are willing to help in desperate hours such as ours. Your generosity with being willing to take payments and then forgiving those payments truly speaks to the kind of person you are. You have done so much for H’s success by doing that, and that touched our hears in an unbelievable way. With everything that we have been through with H and drugs and watching her waste away her life, you have been that ray of sunshine that we needed. Thank you again and I wish you massive success in everything that you do.
— H.B. - Burglary - Dismissed*

Mr. Lackey was very professional - in a situation that was not too pleasant. He listened to my needs and concerns, understanding what I needed done. He stated a legal term I have never heard of and explained what it was. This needed to be done (that was best for my situation) and he made it happen. Thanks, Cary.
— L.E. - Criminal Damage - Dismissed*

Mr. Lackey is the most superb attorney that I have met so far. If you want someone who cares and does his absolute best, then you will hire him to represent you with any legal issue you might have. I would not think twice if I needed his services again no matter what the cost.
— J.S. - Taking the Identity of Another - Dismissed*

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all you’ve done for me. I feel like you did more than just take my case and did your job. I feel like you truly cared and believed in me and I greatly appreciate that. It’s not often we come across someone who sees us for who we really are, and you saw that I wasn’t the person they (the State of Arizona) said and thought I was. Thank you!
— D.G. - Possession of Marijuana for Sale; Misconduct Involving Weapons; Possession of Prescription Drugs - Resolved*

Very good lawyer, very professional, and human. thank you very much M. Lackey, I went back to Montreal (Quebec, Canada) with my daughter without any difficulties and without any criminal records in (the) U.S.
— K.B. - Disorderly Conduct; Immigration Issues - Resolved*

I want to sincerely thank you again for the fantastic job you did in obtaining the restoration of my civil rights. You did a great job and I really appreciate your efforts.
— D.B. - Motion to Set Aside Convictions and Judgment; Motion to Restore Civil Rights (4 felony cases) - Granted*

Cary is an absolute gem to the legal profession! I was a wreck when my case hit my life and he told me like it was and what to expect. Honestly, he felt more like a big brother than a lawyer throughout the whole process. He made me laugh and feel safe. Not that I hope I have another need for him, but if I did, I would hire him in a second and know that he’d be there to make the best of the situation. He has a passion for helping people that has long left the profession. If you’re looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, ehs the train to get you there safely.
— A.E. - Theft (Embezzlement) - Reduced to a Misdemeanor Upon Successful Completion of Probation*

* All Testimonials are from present or former clients of The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C.  The results and experiences of these clients do NOT act as guarantees or predictions of the future outcome of your case.