Sex Crimes

In the Phoenix area, police often set up stings to arrest johns in prostitution matters. Supposed 16-year-old-girls send texts intended to entrap and arrest individuals for attempted sexual conduct with a minor. A conviction for sexual assault, abuse or sexual conduct with a minor can result in mandatory prison time. Charges also result in extreme embarrassment and destroy one's personal and professional reputations. I have seen firsthand how such charges can destroy families and careers.

At The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., I understand Arizona's laws and routinely represent individuals charged with sex crimes. I've been a criminal defense attorney practicing out of Phoenix since 1995.

Immediate Attention To Minimize The Damage Of Sex Crimes Allegations

Sex crime allegations can take anyone by surprise and result in immediate consequences. This is why it's so important to have a skilled lawyer who will respond quickly. The quicker actions are taken, the less likely misunderstandings and damage to your reputation will occur.

When coming to my office for an initial consultation, you will deal directly with me rather than a paralegal or associate. As a lawyer, I involve myself in every aspect of your representation to make certain I understand every detail as to what occurred. I will respond to your messages 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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