Felony Assault

Assault is generally charged as a misdemeanor, which usually means imposition of a probation term, a fine,and/or a short jail sentence, at the most. When aggravating factors come in to play, however, simple assault can be charged as a felony, and a felony is a very serious offense, exposing the accused to a prison sentence. If you are facing felony assault charges, you need the knowledge and experience of a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer.

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A Scottsdale Aggravated Assault Attorney Defending Your Freedom

An assault occurs when a person knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causes physical injury or harm to another person. While assault is a misdemeanor, certain aggravating factors may lead to a charge of felony assault or aggravated assault. Aggravating factors occur where a person:

  • Causes serious physical injury
  • Uses a deadly weapon
  • Commits assault that is violent enough to disfigure or break bones
  • Commits assault while a victim is restrained in some way
  • Commits assault after entering the victim's home
  • Assaults a child under the age of 15
  • Violates a restraining order or order for protection to commit assault
  • Takes or attempts to take a police officer's weapon
  • Commits assault against a police officer or other special class of professionals, which can include teachers, nurses, and emergency responders.

Defending You Against Arizona Felony Assault Charges

Police, prosecutors, and even well intentioned family or friends, may try to pressure you into a guilty plea by telling you that your felony assault charge is cut-and-dried, but there are ways to combat the allegations. Some common defenses against assault charges include:

  • Self-defense
  • Defense of others
  • Defense of property
  • Prevention of crime

You can benefit directly from my in-depth knowledge and experience in Arizona law. For more than 17 years, I have worked as a public defender, as a staff attorney for the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, as an associate attorney in a prominent Phoenix law firm and in the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. I know how to develop a strong defense strategy against felony charges, while focusing on mitigating any potential penalties.

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