Probation Violations

Probation matters in Arizona can be extremely tricky – especially if charged with a new offense when you are already on probation. If charged with a probation violation, you require the most experienced criminal defense attorney. Miscommunications can often arise and the consequences are great.

I have been practicing criminal law in Phoenix, Arizona, since 1995 and understand the area's court system. I routinely work with prosecutors, judges and probation officers in the Maricopa County courts and know how to negotiate the best possible deal for you if the situation calls for one.

Importance Of Having Prompt Legal Representation

The time frame for responding to an alleged probationary violation is short. I make myself available and take immediate action on any probationary matter to ensure that deadlines are met. Having represented so many individuals in criminal defense matters, I have a good working relationship with judges, prosecutors, other lawyers and probation officers.

My efforts focus upon reducing misunderstandings in order to reduce as many consequences as possible. This can be particularly necessary when there have been unintentional violations of probation terms. Even a missed appointment with a probation officer can result in penalization. It's also essential to have such representation when speaking of felony probation violations. Under such circumstances, a violation results in the original prison sentence reinstated for the original criminal charge.

It's important to deal with probation matters in a knowledgeable fashion. The consequences of inadequate representation are far too great.

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