Underage Drunk Driving

If you were pulled over for underage drinking, obtain experienced legal help. An underage drinking conviction is punishable with serious penalties, including hefty fines and a two-year driver's license suspension. The ramifications of a conviction could follow you well into the future. Your chances of securing college loans could be greatly reduced and employers often shy away from hiring anyone with a criminal record.

Select a highly skilled attorney with extensive experience defending against juvenile DUI/DWI charges. I am Cary L. Lackey, a Phoenix defense lawyer with more than 15 years of experience defending juveniles in situations similar to yours. I know how the prosecution works in developing drunk driving charges against minors. I am fully prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution at every turn possible. When the stakes are high, contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation in Phoenix, Arizona.

Offering an Aggressive Underage Drunk Driving Defense

When you select my law firm, you will never be left with any surprises. I understand this is likely an emotionally draining time for you and your entire family. When your future is on the line, the last thing you need is to be caught off guard. I will be straightforward with you, while keeping you fully informed of my defense strategy.

My top priority is to defend your constitutional rights. A key part of my defense includes evaluating the circumstances behind your traffic stop. I will seek to recover evidence recorded from video cameras installed in any video camera-equipped police squad car. If the arresting officer targeted your car without having a valid reason to make a traffic stop, I will question the legitimacy of the charges.

I am also prepared to develop a strong defense around any violations of your constitutional rights or questionable tactics law enforcement used when conducting the field sobriety test. If any lab errors occurred or the Breathalyzer was calibrated incorrectly, I will act quickly to develop a defense around those factors. I will evaluate every angle possible when defending you against drunk driving charges.

Seeking to Mitigate Any Ramifications of a Conviction

If a conviction is unavoidable, my work is not over. I am a strong negotiator prepared to try and reduce any negative implications. I know how to make a strong case to prosecutors explaining your need to drive to work or school. I am fully prepared to try and reduce the length of your driver's license suspension or help you obtain a restricted license. Your lack of criminal history or involvement in a treatment program could be important factors in negotiating for a reduced sentence.

Contact a Highly Skilled Scottsdale Juvenile DUI Defense Attorney

I am a solo practitioner fully invested in the turnout of your case. I never pass my cases off to inexperienced associates or paralegals. I am committed to working directly with you in securing your rights. Put my skills and experience level to work for you. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.