Immigration Consequences Of Criminal Convictions

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Criminal Defense That Keeps Immigration Consequences in Mind

If you are not a United States citizen and you have been accused of a crime in Arizona, you could have a lot to lose. Convictions and guilty pleas for certain offenses can lead to months detention in a deportation (ICE) hold, and even deportation to your home country. A criminal conviction can also prevent you from ever becoming a United States citizen.

If immigration issues are a part of your criminal defense case, it is critical to work with an attorney who understands the relationship between criminal law and immigration. At The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., I use more than 14 years of experience to help my criminal defense clients achieve the best possible results. I have experience in state courts throughout Arizona, as well as federal immigration courts. I understand the concerns of immigrants.

Certain Offenses - Certain Consequences

In Arizona, certain offenses carry immigration consequences while others do not. For example, a conviction for domestic violence is often deportable while criminal trespassing is not necessarily a deportable offense. If you are not an American citizen, it is critical that your lawyer know which crimes can hurt your immigration status. In fact, you could actually be doing yourself a disservice by going to an attorney who doesn't understand the relationship between immigration law and criminal law.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer who takes immigration consequences into account, I focus on more than just the criminal law matters. I make separate analysis on whether or not you are facing a deportable offense under the U.S. Code, and work with my clients to protect their interests.

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