My name is Cary L. Lackey, and I have been a practicing attorney for 20 years. Throughout most of my legal career, I have focused upon criminal defense representation. I have worked with the Maricopa County Public Defenders' Office in Phoenix, been employed as a staff attorney for the United States Court of Appeals, was a Deputy Maricopa County Attorney, worked for a large law firm in Phoenix doing white collar criminal representation and opened my own private practice in 2002.

Wide Variety Of Criminal Defense Representation

My representation has included defending individuals and corporations regarding a wide variety of criminal charges in federal and state court. This has included representation of individuals charged with white collar crimes such as embezzlement, real estate fraud and other professional violations. A large part of my representation has been assisting immigrants accused of crimes and who are facing deportation.

No matter what the crime charged involves, it has always been my goal to provide the highest quality representation. When you contact The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., you will be working directly with me.

A Lawyer Engaged In The Community

Through the years I have spent in the Phoenix area, I have participated in a large number of professional associations. I am a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, the Federal Bar Association, the Maricopa County Bar Association, the National Bar Association, the Hayzel B. Daniels Bar Association (the Arizona Black Bar Association) and the Sports Lawyers Association. I am a certified agent with the Canadian Football League Players' Association and have engaged in a large number of volunteer activities in our area. Click on the link below to learn more about my background.

Contact The Law Office of Cary L. Lackey, P.C., located in the historic Luhrs Tower in Phoenix, at 602-288-2303 at your earliest convenience. There will be no charge for an initial, 30-minute consultation.